Yiannis Papadopoulos

ianAs young artists, we formed AFI in order to express our era.
Our fortunes are tied together…….
as if the group were a new type of solar system.


‘’ The voyage of Oistros ‘’, three parts form this installation: The four sails, made out of handmade paper printed with fresh coloured pulps, the leading boat made from handmade paper and rattan and the three fragile boats from handmade paper with watermarks, cardboard and light.
The installation is inspired by the oistros of emigrants crossing the seas at any cost and by any means, on usually fragile boats, in search of a better or safer life.
Installation ‘’ The voyage of Oistros ‘’ 2016
Exhibition ‘’ Οίστρος, Il Viaggio dell’ estro ‘’ 2016
At DYNAMO La Velostazione di Bologna, Italy. Exhibition ‘’ESTRO, The travel of Oistros ‘’
Communi+ism, Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece, 2017
Curated both by ORASI group.

Upside - Down

Exhibition ‘’ UPSIDE – DOWN ‘’ AFI at the BENAKI Museum, 2009
Museum BENAKI, Peiraeus street, Annex, Athens, Greece

Exhibition ‘’ UPSIDE – DOWN ‘’ le collectif AFI Touche-a-tout, 2019
Grand Curtius Museum, Liege, Belgium

Exhibition ‘’ indigo a most precious blue ‘’ Town Hall of Damme, Belgium 2019
‘’Double Ties ‘’, is inspired by a permanent exhibit of the Benaki museum, a linen embroidery of 15th century,.
Keeping the basic motif and over exaggerating in scale, using a large network of chain links wrought from rattan and threads, I tried to retain the lightness and transparency of the embroidery. The 16 pieces of ‘’Double Ties’’, are a tribute to the friendship among the AFI collective members and a token of my respect for their work.
‘’ Open Book ‘’ is inspired by a gospel of 11th century, a 16th century musical manuscript, a book of folksongs and a handwritten letter by humanist scholar Adamantios Korais supporting the cultivation of education. The ‘’ Open Book ‘’ takes form as a huge open book standing at 250 cm. Crafted from paper, each page consists of a lacelike structure of imaginary letters, visually reminiscent of ancient Linear B. Physically, each letter is a building block for the whole. The opened position of the pages allow the viewer to enter the space of the work – to stand between its pages - .


Rattan in a paper world

Lost Languages Scripts

Cubic era

Paper melody

Pulp fiction



Paper and ink