Despina Pantazopoulou


despI make jewellery because, 4,000,000,000 people on this planet mark their love with rings; rings that look like zero and with those, they make sure of their continuity. For the ancient Greeks, danaka, a golden coin, was the payment for the transition of the soul to the “other world”.
But is this not the destiny of the artists as well?
To create and pre-pay with the work they leave behind?

Recommended By: 

Exhibition “New Horizons” Lalaounis Museum, 2018 


Exhibition “New Territories” Lalaounis Museum, 2016 


Exhibition “OIΣΤΡΟΣ – ESTRO” a Dynamo La Velostazione di Bologna 2016 - Athens 2017  


Exhibition “ΑΦΗ Affair” Benaki Museum, 2014  


Museum of Nikos Hatzikiriakos Ghikas, 2014  

Exhibition “Sense of touch”, Espace Periple , Bruxelles, 2013 


Exhibition “Upside down” Benaki Museum, Pireos street, 2009 


Exhibition “Upside down” Benaki Museum, Interventions, 2009 


Exhibition “Making Jewellery Because…“, London 2007

Presented at the Benaki Museum shop, on the occasion of the exhibition “Pleats”, 2004

“The students” 2003

Exhibition “AFI in the round” Rethymno Centre of Contemporary Art 2002

Exhibition “Pireos street, Transformations of an Industrial Landscape”,1997