Corinna Coutouzi

coriJewellery’s primary purpose has always been to adorn. Other types of objects or sculptural forms I make address the senses and transmit an idea, some feeling.
The final forms of my pieces are the result of an exciting give-and-take between me and the material I use: how far will it let me impose my will and skills, and when comes the point where I have to comply with the limitations of each material?

My work is showcased at:
-The Benaki Museum Shops, Athens, Greece,
-Tzamia Krystalla Gallery, Santorini,
-Galerie Naïla de Monbrison, Paris, France


Recommended by Homo Faber Guide

Selected pieces of jewellery

Estro, the Travel of Οίστρος, Communitism, Athens, 2017
Interactive Installations

‘New Territories’ group Exhibition, Lalaounis Jewellery Museum, Athens, 2015
Let’s go for extravagance !

Afi-Affair Exhibition, Benaki Shop, 2014
A series of chains…

Exhibition ‘’, Handwerksform Hannover 2012
Elaboration on the subject of the mobile, begun in 2009 and evolving ever since.

Gallery Naïla de Monbrison, Paris (one woman and group Exhibitions), 2011- present
The collaboration with NaÏla de Monbrison Gallery, Paris has been and continues to be very stimulating ever since my first one-woman show in 2011.

Upside Down, AFI at the Benaki Museum (Exhibition and Interventions)
My pieces for this show were inspired by the Museum pieces called Tremoles, 18th century hairdress pins from the Ionian Islands, where bees or butterflies are mounted on springs to hover and shake above flower buds at every move of the wearer. This ‘tremolo’ corresponded to my own feeling of fear generated by the globally threatening political situation at the time.
Some of the pieces reflected this fear, while others explored softer ways of movement and even sound to soothen the senses…